On Liking Women

On desire, lesbian feminism, and being trans. Published in n+1, issue 30 (Motherland), in Winter 2018. Available here online or here in PDF.

Did Sissy Porn Make Me Trans?

On forced feminization and the nonconsensuality of desire. Conference paper delivered at Queer Disruptions 2 at Columbia University in March 2018. Available here in PDF.

Bad TV

On #MeToo, television, and the guilty pleasure politics can be. Published in n+1, issue 31 (Out There), in Spring 2019. Available here online.

On pregnancy, sex change, and why both are stupid ideas. Published in Boston Review 43, no. 3 (Summer): 66–69. Available here online.

Extreme Pregnancy

On disappointment, knowingness, and the ruining gag in Alex Norris's Webcomic Name. Published in Artforum 56, no. 8, in April 2018. Available here online. 

Know Joke

Study in Blue
Trauma, Affect, Event

On Claudia Rankine, Emma Sulkowicz, and what happens when an event doesn't. Published in Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, vol. 27, no. 3, in September 2017. Available here online.

The Wrong Wrong Body
Notes on Trans Phenomenology

On Juliet Jacques and being trapped in the wrong genre. Published in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, vol. 4, no. 1, in February 2017. Available here in PDF.